The 3rd week of the Liga 1 2021 schedule has a number of matches that will take place from Friday afternoon (17/9) to Sunday (19/9/2021)

 The 3rd week of the Liga 1 2021 schedule has a number of matches that will take place from Friday afternoon (17/9) to Sunday (19/9/2021). There are 9 BRI 2021 Liga 1 matches that can be watched via Indosiar live broadcasts and video live streaming this week. Meanwhile, the 2021 Liga 1 standings are still controlled by two teams who collected the same numbers, namely Bali United at the top and Persib as runners-up.

In the 2021 Liga 1 schedule this week, there are 2 big match agendas, namely PSM vs Persebaya and Bali United vs Persib. In addition, there is also the Persiraja vs Persija party which closes a series of nine League 1 matches in the 3rd week.
This week's Liga 1 starts with 3 matches which will be held on Friday, September 17, 2021. The match between Persela vs Persita appears as the opening duel and kick-off at 15.15 WIB. Followed by the duel Borneo FC vs. Barito Putera and Tira Persikabo vs. Persik.
On Saturday, 18 September 2021, four matches will be played. The schedule for the first hour or starting at 15.15 WIB is filled with the agenda of PSIS vs Persiraja and Bhayangkara FC vs Madura United.
Entering 18.15 WIB, Saturday night, the big match involving PSM Makassar vs Persebaya Surabaya will begin. Finally, the Bali United party against Persib Bandung, which kick-off at 20.30 WIB.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, September 19, 2021, there will be 2 matches that will be held at different times. PSS is scheduled to serve Arema FC starting at 18.15 WIB. As the closing of the 3rd week of the League 1 agenda, the Persiraja vs Persija match is scheduled to kick off at 20.30 WIB.
Based on the results of the matches that have been held for 2 weeks, there are 2 teams that still hold the perfect record, aka always win. The first is Bali United. Serdadu Tridatu won 1-0 over Persik in the opening match. Next, they won 2-1 over Barito. The two victories made Stefano Cugurra's team stay at the top of the standings with 6 points.
Persib has the same note. The Maung Bandung team also packs 6 points from two matches and is perched as runner-up. This number was obtained after Persib won 1-0 over Barito, and continued by overthrowing Persita with a score of 2-1.
Regarding the front line which is still dull, aka has not been able to score goals, Robert Alberts as Persib coach admitted that he is not too worried about this. For the former captain of PSM and Arema, anyone can score goals for the 2-time Indonesian League champion.
"It doesn't matter our strikers haven't scored yet because that's normal in football, there are still ten other players who can score. If the strategy goes well, anyone can score and this will make it difficult for the opponent. one or two players will be easy to fight," said Robert, quoted from the official PT LIB website.
Thus, the party involving Persib against Bali United this week will not only be a duel for the 2 teams ruling the Liga 1. This match is also a challenge for a number of Maung Bandung strikers, such as Wander Luiz, Ezra Walian, and Geoffrey Castillion, to be able to score goals. Premiere in Liga 1 2021.

2 Persib226
4 PSIS214
5 Borneo213
6 Persik213
8 Persita213
9 Persela213
11 PSM202
12 Arema202
14 Persija202
15 PSS201
16 TR-Kabo201
17 Barito200

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